As part of all our programming, the EUTC provides holistic treatment based on the four aspects of personal well-being:  spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental components of the individual.
The EUTC provide support to clients using the medicine wheel philosophy and teachings as our guide. We accomplish this by bringing awareness/education to our clients that the belief that there are four elements to one’s self; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. And to achieve balance/wellness first of all, we must be aware and these four elements must be supported/present in a positive manner. Counseling staff meet in person with our clients to identify their issues/challenges, strengths and what supports/resources are best suited for their circumstances. EUTC clients work with our staff to develop plans of action including client responsibilities, identified resources and course of action. It is expected that the proposed course of action and engagement of supports will lead our clients improved circumstances and personal wellness. The medicine wheel philosophy is not imposed on our clients, however the teachings of the medicine wheel are principles that guide our staff including; wisdom, love, respect, truth, humility, honesty and courage.

Natalie Ballentyne, Program Manager

Darlene Littlejohn, Office Manager

Carrie Anderson, Client Intake/Receptionist