General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a number of opportunities and venues that you can approach.
There are many types of training opportunities available throughout the city.
Eagle Urban Transition Centre provides a one-time offer with Birth Certificate to the community member we serve who have no other means or can’t afford the application fee. We are also referring partner with other agency that offer free Birth Certificate identification support to S.E.E.D. and Citizen’s Bridge. Medical Card: In-person can be received at Manitoba Health 300 Carlton St., Wpg. Mb. Monday to Friday 8:30am– 4:30pm Call to mail: 1-800-392=1207 (toll free #) Manitoba Public Insurance Photo Identification Gather all the necessary original documents you need to meet the application requirements. Take your documents to any Autopac agent or a Manitoba Public Insurance Service Centre. The agent will take your photograph and will capture your signature digitally. How much does it cost? The card costs $20, including the photograph.* It’s good for up to five years and costs $20 to renew. A valid card may be replaced for $10 if it is lost, destroyed or damaged. *This fee may be waived under certain circumstances. See an Autopac agent for details
Secure Certificate of Indian Status card: Currently no drop in service. Only accepting appointments Call: 204-983-5910, to arrange appointment. Must have all supporting documents when attending appointment
We refer community members who were affected by either of these situations to Eyaa Keen Centre for counseling.
No we do not have a guarantor or notary here at EUTC.
Eagle Urban Transition Centre has limited bus tickets and are only issued by counselors at their own discretion, can only be provide to the community member that the counselor is working with and that the individual has scheduled appointment where they have no other financial means to attend (Ex. Housing/Apartment Viewing, Employment Interviews, Education or Training Opportunities, Medical Appointments, E.I.A. Appointments).
Yes, for registered community members that need to phone long distance for urgent matters.
We have an Elder on site, once a week for one-to-one counseling; other cultural inquiries are directed to external Aboriginal Organizations that offer such needed cultural programming.

Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will look at possibly starting you off at detox for 10 days, after that we will look at possibly doing a 30 day residential treatment or daily meetings on an outpatient basis.

Housing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Staff here at EUTC use a list they find at this list is made up of many options for housing and most landlords on there will accept tenants on social assistance.
From past experiences most EIA workers will be ok with continuing to pay the rent while an individual is in treatment.
Eagle Urban Transition Centre provides up to date listing of available places for rent daily and has every Subsidize Housing Application offered in Winnipeg.

Education and Training

EUTC offers CPR/ First Aid Training and Food Handlers to EUTC clients who are unemployed or on EIA and need these certificate’s to find employment. We will give first priority to EUTC clients who use our resources on a regular basis. We also will help community members with work boots if they are in need. We ask that you bring a letter from your employer who is hiring you stating you need safety boots for the position you are being hired for. We will offer one day training for Fork Lift Certification from Cervus equipment for those who need their license to work in the Manufacturing Industry. EUTC offers Flag Training for clients to find employment in the Construction Industry.
Various workshops; such as cultural workshops, safety workshops, Rental/tenancy workshops, and information presentations are held monthly at EUTC
We help community members fill out applications to their respective bands for funding of programs that they have been accepted into. If their bands do not have the funds we ask they apply for Student Aid loans.