The EUTC has increased client supports and resource staff with the amalgamation of the AMC Patient Advocate Unit (PAU) – a project funded through a Service Purchase Agreement with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  This amalgamation added specific urban health patient navigators to our office.  The Patient Advocate Unit Staff and EUTC work in cooperation as needed to assist and support all clients attending the EUTC.

For this fiscal year, the Patient Advocate Unit logged 882 cases with a great majority of these were referred by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs whether by self-referral (walk-ins/call-ins), referrals by First Nation (such as Chiefs/Counsellors, nursing stations, health centres, etc), local organizations, or internal to AMC/EUTC.

Kevin Fontaine – Program Manager
Rosalie Ouskan – Patient Navigator
Valerie Olson – Patient Navigator
Cheryl McKenzie – Administrative Assistant


This past year the PAU has encountered many challenges and barriers to equitable health care for First Nation patients. Medical relocation case files were again the most prevalent and pressing issues that PAU received through the WRHA referral system. Part of the process incorporates initiating an application via Housing Authorities, short-term accommodations having to be approved and extended, and appropriate identification is required.  Majority of First Nations clients do not possess personal or photo identification, which is criteria needed for qualification and the first step to start the medical relocation process.  All of these key factors contribute to staff conducting additional follow up, which often results in increased workloads.

Special Needs Advocates Unit
Ryan McKay, Special Needs Advocate
Darlene Curci, Special Needs Advocate
Patrick Berthelette, Special Needs Advocate
Sharon Wilson, Special Needs Advocate
Carmen Letexier, Administrative Assistant