What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is our job to help clients change their situation, by best supporting you in working together to find solutions (answers) to accessing services, finding resources and ensuring your needs are being met and protecting your rights.

Services we provide:

Intake Assessment to find out what is needed for you, your child(ren) and/or adult who has special needs, disabilities or mental health issues so we can determine what services are required. On-Reserve see your Jordan’s Principle Coordinator and/or Jordan’s Principle Case Manager, Nurse, CFS, Home and Community Care, Education or Health Director, Social Services worker (EIA), Justice, Daycare and Chief and Off-Reserve referrals can be made by self, family member in-person or referred to us by any professional service provider in Health, Education, Justice, Housing and Social Services.

  • Assist in the complaint process, hearing concerns, filing grievances to resolve complaints or services.
  • Enhance Coordination of services ensuring that services are being maintained and followed on-reserve and off-reserve.
  • Education & Awareness on a variety of treatment’s for your situation Nutrition, Financial, Social issues.
  • Link clients and families to community resources such as transportation, housing assistance, financial assistance and/or support
  • Offer emotional support to clients and families during difficult and stressful times.
  • Develop a Care and Support Plan with the family and service providers for follow-up, responsibility and time frame to ensure the needs are being met by all involved in the child or adults life.

Short Term Respite Services

The goals of the Off-Reserve Respite Program are to:

  • Provide services so that families with special needs children have time to do chores, pay bills, etc.
  • Provide individualized Respite Support Services.
  • Improve the quality of life for all children with special needs by providing services to help them with the activities of daily living.
  • Work with the whole family to ensure everyone is involved in the decision making process, thus empowering the family unity.
  • Network with other resources (schools, hospitals, etc) in urban centres.

Moving Forward

The Special Needs Advocates work in conjunction with the Jordan’s Principle-Child First Initiative Coordinators and Case Managers to address the health and social needs of community members that is culturally based on-reserve and off-reserve. This is to ensure there is a continuum of care.

Special Needs Advocate Unit

Advocate for children and adults with special needs, disabilities and/or mental health issues both on-reserve and off-reserve. We will support First Nation’s people by finding solutions(answers) to accessing services, make referrals, finding resources to ensure your needs are being met and protecting your rights. We will assist in obtaining Long Term Respite and in the interim we provide Short Term – Off-Reserve Respite.

For further information and intake, call the Administrative Assistant @ (204) 987-4137 or email specialneedsadvocate@manitobachiefs.com













Jordan’s Principle was established in response to the passing of five-year old Jordan River Anderson , a child from Norway House Cree Nation who passed away in a Winnipeg hospital in 2005.


About Us:

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs in conjunction with the EAGLE Urban Transition Centre and FNIHB have partnered in creating a Special Needs Advocacy Unit to ensure meaningful participation and engagement of First Nations children and/or adults, in the Jordan’s Principle implementation process both On/Off reserve.


Jordan’s Principle:

Is a child first approach that addresses the assessed needs of Indigenous children with a disability or short term condition affecting their assessed daily living by ensuring jurisdictional service gaps or disputes between governments over payment of services do not disrupt, delay or prevent a child from accessing needed health or social services.










Special Needs Advocates Ryan McKay – Lead Advocate Darlene Curci – Children’s Advocate

Patrick Berthelette – Children’s Advocate

Sharon Wilson – Adult Advocate Chris Prince – Respite Coordinator Admin. Asst.: Carmen Letexier

Email: specialneedsadvoca@temanitobachiefs.com

Toll Free: 1-888-345-1883


Fax: 204-942-0253

















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specialneedsadvocat@e  manitobachiefs.com


Telephone: 204-987-4137


Fax: 204-942-0253